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1. Easy Setup - You can be selling online in 5 minutes or less.
2. Tools to Grow Your Business - automatically add your customers to your email list or automate your accounting with QuickBooks.
3. Great Customer Service - "...the level of customer support. It's absolutely unparalleled in my experience." Calvin Davis Wichita Falls, Tx

Our Plans

NiftyCart Plans Made Simple

1. Mini - This is for people just getting started and don't need the full cart.
2. Basic - The is for small business that are begining to grow and want to have the full catalog as well as the option to add functionality.
3. Pro - Businesses that need to have the tools to automate their business and take it to the next level need this option.

Tools to Grow Your Business

World Class Tools

1. Easy Customer Checkout - Your customer will find the checkout process to be as simple and easy as possible. No big forms to fill out where we don't absolutely need the informaton to complete the sale.
2. Email Marketing - Add your customers to your email autoresponder so you can inform them of additional items that will complement their purchase. Or, just email them with coupons or special offers.
3. Abandoned Cart NotificationIf your customer leaves before completing the purchase we will send you a notice so you can follow up with them and complete the sale.
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Getting Started

  • How do I Get Started With My NiftyCart Membership?
  • What you get varies with your level of participation. There are 4 levels of service and you can learn about the features that are available
    Become a member of eCOMpal's service by clicking here and either view the 5 Minute startup video and start the process. Or, you can read our Step-By-Step Guide to online marketing.

  • How Long Will it Take to Start Selling Online?
  • Good Question! You can have your first item online sellingin Facebook in 5 minutes or less. It's very simple to get started.

  • What Do I Need to Add an Item for Sale?
  • You need to have 3 things to add an item

    • The name of the item you want to sell
    • A picture or visual image of the item
    • A description of the item
    • Your description, in addition to the picture or visual, is what is going to sell your item. Your description should tell your customer why they should buy your product. It's not about you, it's about them. Your customers are always asking "wiifm" ... "what's in it for me!"

  • Are There Options for Setting Up My Items?
  • Yes, there are several options available and they are based on the level of service you have selected for NiftyCart. We will discuss those options with the individual levels of NiftyCart

  • What Support is Available with NiftyCart?
  • You will find 4 ways of getting support. Either by phone phone or Messenger or email (support at NiftyCart dot com) and last, but not least the chat box you'll find on all our website pages.

NiftyCart Tools

  • How do I Use the Interface to GetResponse?
  • There are two basic ways you can use the interface to GetResponse

    • The Simplest Method
    • In this method you have NiftyCart save the email address of your customers. Then, from time to time, you email them using GetResponse. You would typically send a newsletter or special offers/sales/coupons or new product announcements.

    • The Product Pitch Method
    • To be clear you can still send emails like you can in the Simplest Method.
      In this method you create email sales letters for each of your products. If someone purchases Product A you add them to an email autoresponder that promotes Product B or any other product or group of products you sell. You may even add a coupon to the new offers to get your customer to come back and buy again...and again!

  • Tell Me About the QuickBooks Interface
  • If you are using, or thinking of using, QuickBooks Online to manage the accounting for your business you will find that the interface to QuickBooks will save you hours of work and frustration. Each day, we go through all your sales and update them to Quickbooks. That way your accounting for sales will taken care of automatically.

  • How do Coupons Work?
  • You will find that coupons will increase your sales substantially. When you set up a coupon you can give a discount percentage, a flat dollar amount, or free shipping. You can also set an expiration for the coupon to add a sense of urgency to the transaction.

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